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Taking Out the Trash


"Did you empty the garbage yet?" I remember how often my mom called out to me, asking me if I had taken care of the garbage, or asking me to. Of course, living in Northern Minnesota at the time, taking the garbage out was a fairly dreaded task, especially during the winter.

I would have to grab the foul smelling garbage, tie it up, walk outside in the below freezing temperatures, and hope the garbage cans were not frozen. Of course, if they were, you couldn't just throw it on top because of the neighborhood dogs (a lesson I learned more than once).

I have never really liked taking out the garbage, mainly because it is often gross and smelly, and it can be a lot of work. At the same time, it is a vital chore to keep the house clean and livable.

James 1:21 reminds us that we need to get rid of the garbage in our own lives, we need to make sure that we keep up on our 'life' chores. Just like the house garbage, the filth in our life is often gross and disgusting... and it takes work to get rid of it. But if we do not take out the garbage, then just like the house our lives become disgusting. Instead of being 'clean and livable,' we become 'dirty and ill' with sin.

The one thing that has always surprised me about garbage is how much there is, and how quickly it can add up. We need to make sure we stay on top of our cleaning... in both our houses and our lives.

Today what garbage is in your life, and are you taking the proper steps to remove it?

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